QMATIC: Worlds #1 Manufacturer Of Customer Flow Management System


Among 100 partners worldwide NGT Group takes the place among 5 Premium Partners of Qmatic
Starting from 2007 NGT group has been operating on Georgian market, delivering CMF system to all leading institutions from commecrial to governmental organizations
Starting from one branch solution, ending up with more than 500 branches for we have arranged installations all over Georgia for customer from different industries
Permanent upgrade of Qmatic solutions is accompanied by continued training of NGT technical staff to ensure the best support for our existing and future clients
Qualified specialists provide technical support and maintenance of Qmatic solutions for our clients at the highest service level


A market leading technology company provides Customer Experience Management Solutions that maximize the face-to-face service opportunities by integrating the online and physical world in the Retail, Healthcare, Public and Finance sectors
Qmatic was founded in 1981 and started installing queue systems in Swedish Post Office, banks and major railway stations. In 1996, Qmatic received ISO 9001 certification and an award for quality management.
More than 65 000 systems implemented around the world
Solutions have been sold in more than 120 countries worldwide
25% of the world’s population pass through a Qmatic system every year




Cost effective system
100% web based solution
100% Centralised reporting
Report Sheduling

Orchestra One

Only fully centralised system on market
100% web based solution
Perfect for single site installations


Orchestra Enterprise

Centralized CFM solution for larger clients who need whole-enterprise management.
Controls the customer experience across a whole organization.

Our Clients

65 000 organizations in 122 countries and 5 different industries have shousen QMATIC. Thanks to their requirements, ideas and inspiration QMATIC has developed best possible CFM sistem in the world. When somone choses QMATIC he gets top solution aproved by these customers.