Today’s retail environment is tough; competition is fierce. Customer loyalty is an important business driver – and uncertain. From experience gained over many years, we have identified five key challenges facing retail clients. In the retail sector, our Customer Flow Management methodology has been proved to make a difference – enhancing the customer experience and improving your bottom line.

Some of the challenges our solutions overcome are:

  • Increasing sales
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving customer experience
  • Increasing staff satisfaction
  • Using MI to make business improvements

Click & Collect

An opportunity to satisfy customers and drive sales

After shopping online, you do not expect meeting chaos at pickup. Queuing and waiting is what you tried to avoid when shopping online in the first place. There might be people standing and waiting to pick up their goods without knowing their turn, not knowing when to be served or by whom. The situation could create a bad experience, risking that customers walk out and never come back.

Instead you can have an organized, calm situation where customers are given the opportunity to browse the store while waiting for pickup. Then you create not only a positive customer experience but also drive sales. Staff can prepare the pickup when customers check in and suggest add-on sales based on products chosen and earlier online activity. When the goods are ready, a notification is sent by SMS to the customer in the store.

Click & Collect connects the online and the physical world and creates a unique and consistent experience through the complete customer journey – from the online shopping all through the physical store.

Store Self Check-In

Know you customer’s needs – before he enters your store

Customers arriving at a store are normally not identified. You do not know who they are, what they want and what they have been doing online before entering the store. The staff is not prepared for the needs of the customer and cannot therefore act proactively. The consequences of this lack of information could be low sales conversion, a customer experience that is far from seamless and the risk of leaving a dissatisfied, disloyal customer.
By using a loyalty card at entrance to check in, you identify the preferences of the client as well as earlier activities in store and online. He will be guided to the most knowledgeable and prepared staff, and they will be able to respond to his specific customer needs – thus making the experience outstanding and consistent through all channels.

Mobile Queuing

The mobile app that saves time and drive sales

Getting the right service when and where you want is not easy for customers. Finding the nearest shop offering the products you want can be hard work. And when you find it, there are most likely other customers also wanting to be served. You need to queue and you need to wait to be served. For a retailer, the risk of customers walking out and never coming back is real.

To increase sales you need to be present and offer the right service at the right time. One solution is to let the customer find your store using a mobile app. The can choose what service they want, and place themselves in the queue – virtually. They can choose the store with the shortest waiting time. They do not have to wait in line, but can wait anywhere. They can spend their time browsing your store. When it is their turn, they are called through their mobile to be served. Mobile queuing will not only create a positive experience for the customers, but also balance the demand for service between the offices, and drive sales.


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