Project Description


Qmatic Analysis was developed with focus on interactive work with your Customer Flow Management data. The module is based on OLAP functions such as select, drill down, sort and move. This makes Qmatic Analysis a very powerful tool to perform, for example trend, performance (KPI, SLA), resource optimization and benchmark analyses.

Key Features

  • With Analysis you can be interactive with your statistical information using functionalities as: Drill down…year > month > day….. Move from row to column and vice versa, Sort data (A-Z, 1-1000….), Select and deselect items
  • Analysis is provided with a standard set of data cubes being: Visit, Visit – Time Period, Workstation Performance, Staff member Performance, Matter Code, Waiting time Distribution, Transaction time Distribution
  • Important is to select the right cube depending on the question you have, e.g. you want benchmark staff?.. Then select the staff member performance cube
  • Easy Benchmark and Compare: Branches, Staff members, Periods
  • Easy analyze: trends, Service level, KPI etc
  • Easy Ad-Hoc reporting: The answer on a specific question is found quick and easy
  • In fact you can create report views yourself: AND SAVE THESE TO USE IN A LATER STAGE AGAIN. No need to do all setting and selections over and over
  • Add a graph for easy interpretation of numbers, Export to universal file format (.xls, .pdf) To be able to use the Analysis outcome in other applications


Product Brochure